NABAS PRODUCT (Model: AN-3000)

Container System

Modular, Mobile Remediation in Std. 20’ Shipping Container footprint
Need a pressurized supply of water
Need a place to discharge treated water
Plug and Play
Process Control Treat water as needed


● Tap water production: Using pond, lake or river water. Disinfect by ozone and
hydroxyl radical, no chemical use.

● Wastewater treatment: From factory or retention tank. Improve water quality, odor
removal, discoloring and purify waste water for water recycle.

● Easy to deploy: 20 feet Container Type, water proof out door installation.

● Treatment Volume: 3000 Gallon Per Hour (10ton/hr), treatment volume is depend on
input water condition.

Self-Sustaining, 20 ft. Container (“AN-3000”)

100% Natural – Chemical Free – Eco Friendly Solution

                            ▣ System Feature and Component
● BGS-7.5OZ30 (2 units)
● Water container (Stainless 304)
● AN-3000 PLC Control System
● Skimmer system
● Filtering system (Option: UF or Active Carbon Filter)
● Power system (Option: Power Generator)

NABAS Container System