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Pond Name: Building 7000 Pond

Test Results:
1) In 4 Minutes:  Brownish water (right) turned clear (see below sample)
2) In 15 Minutes:  Dissolved Oxygen increased from 6.2 mg/L to 38.8 mg/L


With decontamination and increased dissolved oxygen, the Building 7000 Pond sample is now “swimmable” and “fishable” (Clean Water Act).

Test Date: March 3, 2016

Dominant species observed BEFORE treatment

  Independent Test Result  by Dr. Moeller

NOTE: These organisms were present in the water sample before treatment. Cylindrospermopsis is resistant to environmental changes, hence difficult to remediate or eradicate.

Dominant species observed AFTER treatment

After treatment, no species were observed after 15 days.

(i.e., no re-growth of organisms, including Cylindrospermopsis).

NOTE:  Accomplished complete eradication of micro organisms due to OH Radical (aka Hydroxyl Radical) generated by NABAS Units.

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