NABAS PRODUCT( Model : BGS (Bubble Generation System) )


Most water aeration systems rely on bubbles to carry impurities to the surface. Large bubbles, however, rise too quickly to capture all contaminants.
● With NABAS BGS, more than 80 % of bubbles are 5 microns or less.
● Our NABAS BGS Technology is the only water-cleaning process in the world that creates significant quantities of hydroxyl radicals which is environmentally friendly enhanced sterilizing 2000 times stronger than ozone and 180 times stronger than the Sun rays.
● NABAS BGS has faster cleanup time combined with high absorption rate of any insert gas so customers can cut energy costs by up to 60%.
● NABAS BGS deliver Oxygen and/or Ozone to water with an absorption rate above 90%


● NABAS BGS utilizes a technology (PCT, USA Patent Pending) we call the “pressurized toothed gear method”.
● NABAS BGS uses numerous specialized blades that rotate a high speed under intense pressure, hitting and mixing the water and gas at more than 20,000 times per second in Mix Pump, “chopping” it into Nano bubbles.

NABAS BGS Model (3Hp System)

NABAS BGS Model (7.5Hp System)